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retreat projectThreads provides a multi-dimensional platform for women, girls, and their advocates to seek education, guidance, support, and resources for mental and emotional well-being. Through our retreat projects, we offer sacred spaces that allow participants to unwind and disconnect from the daily stresses while learning and unlearning historical and psychological traumas of their lived experience. We offer a positive support system that promotes well-being and self-care as the foundation of healthy individuals, families, and communities.

Our team of event planners, facilitators, wellness experts, and practitioners curate retreats designed to inspire and promote holistic well-being through self-care. We take care  of all the logistics so that our participants can truly relax and take in what the retreat has to offer. We work to help our participants honor their well-being by learning traditional and modern self-care techniques, and understanding how holistic well-being and an inner development journey can help them grow as individuals.

Over time, Threads has created a learning environment focused on individual well-being, and self-care that has become an invaluable resource for communities that need it most. We work to ensure that Gender-Based Violence (GBV) survivors and their advocates have access to support and a safe space and to openly seek help with issues affecting their well-being without feeling alone, stigmatized, judged and fearful of cultural and social repercussions.


Retreats     Women' Circles

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