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Threads’ retreats provide the participants with access to safe spaces to inspire a sense of self-awareness, and responsibility for personal wellness. Set in the mountains of Western North Carolina, one of the most beautiful and soul-stirring landscapes in the world, participants immerse into a holistic healing journey to help establish a healthy foundation to pursue their holistic well-being with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Our team of wellness experts are dedicated to identifying and sharing tools, and resources designed to address the spectrum of emotional and mental health challenges of retreat participants.

Participants are invited for a 2-3 day retreat at the top of lush mountains of Western North Carolina, to unwind and disconnect from the stress of daily demands while learning skills and tools to go from surviving to thriving. Our retreats encompass a variety of workshops and activities designed to encourage attendees to step outside of their comfort zone to truly experience healing like never before.

The focus areas vary slightly in each retreat, but the goal remains the same; to inspire participants to make positive changes in their lives by prioritizing their physical and psychological well-being. We do this by facilitating content that is relevant and culturally appropriate in a safe space that allows open discussions on the fundamentals of well-being and self-care for the participants' respective environments.

retreats2During the retreat participants can expect:

  • To share a range of tools for ongoing reflection, relaxation, stress management and sustenance.
  • Morning group yoga
  • Sunset hikes
  • Trust building, creating a safe space and facing the Self
  • Understanding our unique advantage as women from a traditional perspective
  • Daily guided meditation sessions to connect with your life force energy
  • Peer support and insight into the power of sisterhood
  • Creating rituals among women to find their inner voice
  • A dialogue with the Self: a stream of conscious writing
  • Storytelling in the midst of vulnerability
  • Sound healing through Tibetan bowls
  • Movement through dance
  • Fireside chats
  • The power of remembrance
  • Tools to connect with your body, your personal navigation system
  • Open discussions and break-out groups.
  • One on one support from Threads’ survivor advocates and Psychotherapists throughout the retreat.
  • Healthy organic meals
  • Peer to peer support to foster supportive relationships and community


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