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activist retreat healing modalitiesThis retreat is designed for activists, human rights defenders, social change campaigners, community organizers, and grassroots community development workers. Our goal for this retreat is to share our teams’ collective knowledge and experience to inspire participants to advocate for their professional and personal well-being. The retreat offers activists space outside of everyday life to relax, reflect, listen to their bodies and be aware of their own needs.

Most activists are drawn to the path because of lived experiences. As a result of their chosen paths, they are often coping with regularly feeling overwhelmed, stressed, depressed, frustrated, exhausted, and burned-out. There is a pressing need to prioritize the emotional and psychological support and well-being of Activists. The difference between burnout and thriving, especially in activism, community work, and service professions, is self-care.

Activists, in general, have heightened levels of stress, depression, anxiety, burnout, PTSD, and secondary trauma. For example, anti FGM/C activists and campaigners who are also survivors are extremely vulnerable. The combination of the emotional toll of the work and the culture of selflessness can accelerate activist burnout which often results in people scaling back on or fully disengaging from their cause.

Retreat areas of focus:

  • Engage in discussions and activities that set the foundation for healthy activism and longevity in the field.
  • Learn skills and tools to help balance personal and professional lives;
  • Learn to create a healthy lifestyle and avoid burnout and risking physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.
  • Learn how to ignite change, while ensuring that you are taking care of yourself.
  • Organization well-being


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