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FGM C activist retreatActivists, campaigners, and others working to end GBV and FGM/C face numerous challenges to their emotional well-being. In particular, those working in resource-poor settings with a high prevalence of FGM/C, and where women and girls face multiple risks and disadvantages, including economic insecurity, forced marriage, and sexual violence. Activists often face stigma, social ostracism, and threats to their safety. They report feeling isolated and can be mentally exhausted by their years-long efforts on extremely troubling issues, with limited support. Many activists are survivors of FGM/C themselves.

To address these challenges, Threads created the FGM/C Activist retreats. In collaboration with partners across the End FGM/C movement, Threads promotes the emotional well-being of activists and survivors dedicated to ending the practice.

By creating space and opportunity for survivors and anti-FGM/C activists and campaigners to come together, we help communities seize the opportunity to be agents of their change. We bring the anti-FGM/C community together to share ideas, debate current, and emerging issues, and celebrate success.

Retreat areas of focus:

  • Deepen understanding of the social dynamics around harmful practices
  • Understand existing laws and policies on FGM/C in the U.S.
  • Understanding drivers and barriers to social change in refugee and immigrant communities in the US.
  • Social and psychological drivers and motivations behind FGM/C.


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