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retreatOur mission

To bring self-care and holistic well-being into everyday living

Our Vision

To transform communities by inspiring well-being for all.

Our values

We believe that:

  • No matter what roots we were born from or what our story has been, we all have the ability to heal.
  • Our well-being deeply influences the way we are in the world and has a profound impact on our work and the changes we wish to see in the world.
  • Having access to safe spaces and supportive communities are the cornerstones for healing and wellness.
  • Individual well-being is the foundation for effective and efficient movements and that it allows us to accelerate our collective impact.
  • Building connections through collaborations and mutual support for each other can create impactful and sustainable change, leading to new stories and new roots for future generations.
Threads for Well-Being


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Email: info@threadsforwellbeing.org

Phone: +1-828-318-6143

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